Meet the Staff & Faculty

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We are dedicated partners with you, providing Christian educators and mentors who work diligently to nurture a love for learning and for God.

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Scott Bose, Head of School

Scott is passionate about Biblical integration, school improvement, and supporting teachers and students.  He has a degree in elementary education, two graduate degrees, and is presently working on an EdS in educational leadership.  He has taught both in the United States and abroad, and has held executive positions in three international Christian schools in South America.  He also spent two years in administration at Liberty University. 

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Lisa Moore, Assistant Administrator

Lisa has been serving in Christian education for 34 years, and has been part of FCA for over two decades. She wants to see each student succeed and is always helping with their college preparation. In 2014 she became the Assistant Administrator and Elementary Principal. She earned her Bachelor’s in elementary education and psychology from Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana; and her Master's in counseling from University of Maryland.

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Tyler Savage - Athletic Director / Phys. Ed & Health

Tyler encourages students to use sports, teamwork, and perseverance to benefit their life in Christ. He earned his degree in Sports Management from Liberty University and worked with the LU Men's Basketball program. He continued to work in interscholastic athletics in Orlando before coming to FCA as Athletic Director.

Ruth Anne Adams - Fine Arts, Music & Technology

Ruth Anne loves to hear her music students “sing for Jesus.” She received her Bachelor's degree from Liberty University and has been teaching with us for 11 years.

Cindy Jamerson - Preschool-K3

Cindy has been teaching Preschool at FCA for 11 years. She and her husband Paul have two sons, both of whom are FCA alumni. This has given her a unique perspective in how to equip very young children with real world skills for adulthood, and every Preschooler is welcomed to her classroom with real respect and a real smile!

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Miriam Moshkowski - Preschool-K4

Miriam is a lifelong artist, and loves to share her appreciation for art, music, and the outdoors with her young students. She majored in Early Childhood Education at Northpoint Bible College and taught Preschool at Parkside Christian School in New York before joining our faculty.

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Janice Shaffer - Kindergarten

Janice has loved helping her students discover the joy of reading over her last eight years at FCA. She earned her M.Ed. in elementary education from Liberty University and earned her Bachelor's from Geneva College. 

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Shirley Fero - First Grade

Shirley loves being able to share Christ with her students on a daily basis. She received her Bachelor's from Liberty University.  She has an ACSI credential and has taught at Christian schools across the country for the past 25 years.


Allison Knaus - 2nd Grade

Allison is well-known in the community due to her activity at a local church, of which her husband is a pastor. Allison earned her degree from Liberty University and is ACSI certified.

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Kim Willard - 3rd Grade

Kim loves having the freedom in a Christian school to share Jesus’ love with her students. She is in her 17th year at FCA and has a Bachelor's in Elementary education from Lee University in Cleveland, TN. 

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Cindy Irby - 4th and 5th Grade

Cindy has been teaching for 28 years and loves planning events for students and collecting stuffed lions. She graduated with a Bachelor's in education from Liberty University. She and her husband, Doug, have 2 children, Lexi and Colin, who were both honor graduates of FCA.

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Rebecca Scott - Science & Math, Middle and High School

Rebecca graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor’s in Psychology/Christian Counseling. She has been married to her husband Shawn, FCA's Middle School Basketball Coach, for 13 years and they have two sons who attend FCA.


Glen Shelton - History & Bible, Middle & High School Bible

Glen has taught in Lynchburg City schools, serves as a pastor to the Madison Heights area, and loves to perform country music around the country.

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Lori Metzger - Math, Middle and High School

Lori has previously taught in public schools, homeschool co-ops, parochial, and private Christian schools. She has a double major in Math and Spanish. 

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Tracey Fox - Economics & Personal Finance / Anatomy

Tracey has been teaching with us for the past 9 years. She graduated from Word of Life Bible Institute before earning her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Liberty University.

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Alicia DeWever, Librarian & Enrollment

Alicia fosters critical and creative thinking in students through resources from the school library and beyond. She earned a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies from Summit University in Pennsylvania, has worked with Child Evangelism Fellowship, and served as a Residential Coordinator for New England Salem Children's Village before moving to Virginia.

Angela Carlberg, Administrative Assistant for Main Office

Angela loves studying nutrition, cooking, and outdoor exercise. She was an administrative assistant for a financial advisor in Lynchburg before joining the FCA family in 2013 as a parent, then as a staff member.

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Debbie Dalton, Administrative Assistant for Elementary Office

Debbie has served at FCA for 26 years. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, gardening, and beekeeping. She studied at CVCC and earned her LPN degree from South Boston Regional School of Nursing.

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Faith Wilt, Business Manager

Faith has owned and operated her own accounting company since 2013. She is a graduate of the College of Central Florida where she received her A.S. in both Accounting & Agribusiness before moving to a small farm here in Virginia.