J-Term Celebrates Ninth Year

J-Term Celebrates Ninth Year

Monday, January 7, 2019 to Friday, January 11, 2019

J-Term, or January Term, is offered to middle and high school students the first week of spring semester at Faith Christian Academy in Hurt. J-Term allows four daily course offerings outside of the regular academic curriculum. It was instituted at FCA in 2011 by Mrs. Lisa Moore, assistant administrator.

“J-Term teaches students that there is more to learning than math and language arts,” she said. Mrs. Moore talks to students about their interests, then recruits teachers and experts to teach the courses. The goal is for students to explore areas of interest, step out of their comfort zone, and become introduced to lost or waning arts such as knitting.

Mrs. Moore leads the internship preparation program for juniors and seniors. For two days, she teaches them communication, leadership, and life skills. They meet business leaders, type a resume, and learn dining etiquette. Students then spend the next three days working as interns at local businesses.

Mrs. Moore is proud of the results. After finishing college, one FCA graduate started employment at the same company where he interned; two alumnae are currently majoring in fields directly related to their J-term experience.