From the Administrator

Welcome to Faith Christian Academy! Our mission is to partner with Christian families who are committed to training young people for God’s Kingdom. We are here to come alongside parents in encouraging and guiding children in their educational pathway. You will find a highly qualified faculty who love and care about your child and your family. It is our desire to grow young people of character who will be a shining light in our community as well as the world abroad.

Foundational to character building is God’s Word upon which all of our principles are based. Each month a character quality is emphasized so that children see and are taught such things as respect, honesty, compassion, self-discipline, gratitude and more. As children grow and mature in their character, it is our desire that those Biblical character qualities will show through in their academics, athletics, music, and their daily life.

If we can serve your family better, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or one of our administrative staff. We care about serving your family and assisting you in the education of your child.

Serving Christ,

Bruce D. Devers