Puppets Teach About Community Helpers

Photo: Lisa Stewart represents Centra Health at Faith Christian Academy. Her puppets teach children about healthy habits, 911, and some of the many health careers.

On Wednesday, Feb 6th, Faith Christian Academy’s lower elementary students were treated to a puppet show aimed at helping children understand community helpers and how the health system provides care.  Centra Health’s Lisa Stewart came with nine puppets and an energetic smile that instantly engaged her audience. Stewart is a retired school and has been working with Centra to promote heath careers both in and outside the classroom.  The Great Hospital Adventure is a targeted initiative to help children understand what happens when you call 911 and who you will meet in the healthcare community. The program, now twelve years old, also reinforces healthy habits and, according to Stewart, “plants seeds for a future generation of healthcare workers.”

Stewart is very popular in area schools and her schedule fills up very quickly!  In addition to her puppet shows, Stewart also hosts career days and summer camps for middle and high school students interested in heath careers.  For more information, email Stewart directly at lisa.stewart@centrahealth.com

Centra Health Puppets.jpg
Jonathan Mitchell